In the footsteps of our ancestors

1763: The Great Trek from the old to the new home

More than 250 years ago, anno 1763, the family Adam REBLE leaves their home in Eutingen/Baden to apply to colonist places in the Kingdom of Denmark.

The family consists of six people: Adam Reble, bricklayer, 46, his second wife Anna Maria nee Büchel, sons John and Martin from his first marriage, 18 and 14 years, Dorothea 6 and Adam two years.

In the Duchy of Schleswig, which belonged at that time to Denmark, they are willing to change heath land into fertile farmland; details see Reble family chronicle chapter 1 : "How it all started."

The journey begins in the spring of 1763 in the hometown Eutingen at Pforzheim, halfway between Karlsruhe and Stuttgart. After the few belongings are sold, one takes goodbye to relatives and friends: entry in the church book " Nach Jütland".

First stop is the Free Imperial City of Frankfurt, 150 km north of Eutingen. Here they are provided by the Danish Embassy with passports and earnest money and are waiting for other emigrants to make a trek together.

We can only guess at the size of the tour group. The first trek of emigrants on 28/01/1761 consisted eg of 50 people with 4 covered carts and a cargo cart. This group rumbled and walked more than 500 km on bad and unsafe streets to the north.

Map Ochsenweg between Hamburg and Flensburg Juli 1763: How happy they must have been when at last the towers of Altona and Hamburg appear on the horizon. Here on Danish territory they can take a time out and they will be supplied with fresh provisions for the last 150 km.

From Altona it still takes a week to Flensburg:
1 Day - Elmshorn
2 Day - Itzehoe
3 Day - Hohenweststedt
4 Day - Rendsburg
5 Day - Schuby in Schleswig
6 Day - Flensburg

5.AUG 1763: Registration on a reserve list (rank 146 of 338) in order to run for vacant positions; details see Family Chronicle Chapter 2 : "In the new home"

The other stations


2013: On the oxroad from Hamburg to Flensburg

We walk in the footsteps of our ancestors and explore the last part of their journey on the historic "Ochsenweg" von Wedel near Hamburg to Flensburg.
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Prior to the scheduled tour we meet initially on Sat 06/07/2013 at a family party in Kiel.

On Sunday we go by horse trek to the museum Molfsee, where we visit an original colonist's house in 1764, which originates from the same area where the family Adam Reble started in 1764.

Then we explore with bikes the Ochsenweg between Flensburg and Hamburg in the footsteps of our ancestors.

Reise auf dem Ochsenweg
We are supported by Hans Peter Stamp (Dr.agrar), a well-known local historian and author with roots in southern Germany and distantly related to the family Reble.

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Stamp, Hans Peter
"...und weiß wie Alabaster"
Eine Kulturgeschichte der Kartoffel.
Wachholtz Verlag 2013

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